It’s a Bank Holiday weekend, and the line for the Brixton Academy goes round the entire block as a steady stream of Reggae fans enter the venue for the London date of the Chronology tour.

70-year-old veteran Dub producer King Jammy and his son play some bass heavy grooves which include a fitting tribute to Dancehall star Frankie Paul who died aged 51 of complications related to kidney failure on 18th May, 2017.

The packed venue welcomes 24-year- old Jamar McNaughton aka Chronixx onto the stage as the band strike up the introduction to “Alpha and Omega” from the 2014 “Dread and Terrible” EP.

The band Zincfence Redemption are made up of drums, bass, keyboards, with lead and rhythm guitar and are a tight knit unit who play together with real feeling. It’s interesting to note that “Chronology” will be his debut album as the set tonight is made up of plenty of already classic songs which the entire crowd sings along to.

So we get to hear well known songs like “Eternal Fire“, “Here Comes Trouble“, “They Don’t Know“, “Smile Jamaica” and “Capture Land“, all of which keep the packed vnue singing and dancing along.

New songs like “Skanking Sweet” and “Likes” from the new album continue in the vein of the more well known songs, with great words and bass heavy grooves. He even plays “Who Knows“, his collaboration with Protoje, singing both parts and getting a great crowd reaction.

Alongside Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal and Jah 9, Chronixx is yet another exceptional performer of Roots Reggae music who is destined to be around for a long time based on the strength of this excellent performance.