The Heavy are in London tonight to promote their fourth album “The Hurt And The Merciless”. Their brand of Rock, Funk and Soul seems to draw fans from different musical genres and it’s easy to hear why this kind of across the board appeal means that their music is used in films, TV, adverts and video games. Despite that, they’re still not as big a name as they should be on the UK scene but seem to have a faithful live following whenever they tour the UK.

The West Country quartet are on stage tonight with a horn section and additional backing vocals and kick off their set with “Can’t Play Dead” from their 2012 album “The Glorious Dead”. They’re definitely playing to an audience largely familiar with their old and new songs as the packed crowd sing along to most of the set. “Miss California”, their uptempo ode to a former beauty queen who no longer turns heads merges seamlessly into their older song “Short Change Hero”, showing the appeal of the band – great songs that have a consistent feel to them.

For me, a contemporary band is Vintage Trouble, another four piece who craft equally soulful songs and perform them just as dynamically. Kelvin Swaby is a great frontman, constantly talking to he crowd, dancing from one end of the stage to the other and all while belting out the songs in a powerful voice.

“Since You’ve Been Gone” on the new album provokes a boisterous reception from the audience as does “How Ya Like Me Now”, probably their most well known song as it’s been used in adverts and countless TV segments. These dates are part of a bigger tour taking in Japan and The States, where they seem to go down really well, and this London show was definitely a great gig from a great UK band. Always worth seeing live.


The Heavy