Support comes from The Soul Immigrants, a six piece Funk & Soul band from London. They get a lively response from their danceable set, which is pretty good considering the venue us still filling up as they play. A good start to the main event.

Calibro 35 are a five piece from Milan who play lively cinematic funk soundtracks alongside their own compositions. Trawling the rich catalog of Italian 60’s B-Movie soundtracks, their instrumental set ranges from slow, moody, atmospheric numbers to lively uptempo dance tunes that wouldn’t sound out of place at a Hip Hop jam. The band consists of drums, bass lead, guitar, organ, keyboards/flute. The use a host of vintage equipment to get that 60’s analogue soundtrack feel and it’s easy to hear why they’ve been asked to compose music for films and tv.

They play atmospheric head nodder “Il Consigliori”, which was sampled by Jay-Z on his song “Picasso Baby” as well as a handful of songs from their fourth album “Traditori di Tutti”.

Fifth album “S.P.A.C.E.” was recorded in London’s Toerag studios, where Jack White has also taken advantage of their use of vintage equipment to craft his sound, and from this album they play “Bandits On Mars”. It’s a soundtrack to an imaginary science fiction film and this, along with “Giulia Mon Amour” gets an enthusiastic reception from the sold out venue.

Throughout the show the band members get a chance to show their playing skills, there are plenty of intricate solos that never go on for too long but add just enough to the songs to show that they can all really play.

My only objection is that they never play over here enough but it’s a band that’s definitely worth catching if you ever get the chance.


The Soul Immigrants

Calibro 35