We supported Public Enemy three years ago, so it’s great for my Sublime Wizardry crew to again get a support slot on this bill. Always good to play in our hometown supporting a group we respect immensely.

It’s also good to see UK Hip Hop veteran Tony Rotton aka Black Twang on the bill who, along with his DJ Sarah Love, runs through a mini showcase of his career to date with some songs from his new EP “The Pantheon” as well as old classics like “Dettwork South East”, “Kik Off” and his signature tune “So Rotton”. An assured performance from an old school UK don.

Such is the demand to see the mighty Public Enemy crew here in Brighton that they’re playing this sold out matinee show as well as a sold out evening show.

“Lost At Birth” kicks things off in fine style with its urgent wailing sound and snappy, clattering drums it’s a great way to get the packed crowd jumping. Not that a Brighton audience would need much encouragement at a Public Enemy show.

The Banned provide the hard hitting music, T-Bone on drums, the legendary producer Davy DMX on six string bass, Khari Wynn on guitar and DJ Lord on the turntables. Pop Diesel and James Bomb,  the S1Ws, stand next to each other in the centre of the stage and execute their precision military steps.

With an impressive back catalogue to choose from, P. E. can deliver an entertaining show that keeps the energy levels up and never flags. Not bad considering they’ve also been on a hectic touring schedule supporting The Prodigy as well as playing their own gigs. The result of this though is that at one point Chuck D had to gargle on stage with salt water as his voice started to give out.

Chuck D does get to take a few breaks though, as his sidekick Flavour Flav can entertain the crowd by playing Davy DMX’s bass or T-Bones’ drums as well as performing solo tunes like “31 Flavours”.

DJ Lord gets a little solo spot, getting the crowd bouncing by playing the bass line to “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes before demonstrating his amazing skills on the turntables by deconstructing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at lightning fast speed.

The rest of the set is a nice mix of classic songs and new tunes from their latest album “Man Plans, God Laughs”. A few stand out songs from the set included “Hoovermusic”, “Rebel Without A Pause”, “He Got Game”, “Harder Than You Think”, “Man Plans, God Laughs” and “Fight The Power”.

Masters of how to present Hip Hop live, and with a back catalogue to match, I’ve never seen a bad show by them yet.


Public Enemy

Blak Twang

Sublime Wizardry