Support act for the whole of this tour are Fed’s UK, who play a punky set clearly influenced by the headliners tonight, a good way to kick of the evening as the Komedia fills up for what Ruts DC have billed as the “Psychic Attack Tour”.

Ruts DCThe venue isn’t as busy as when Ruts DC played in Brighton back in June 2014, but with most people crowded around the front of the stage it’s busy enough. Tonight they’re without Molara their back up singer and are stripped down to a three piece, with original members John “Segs” Jennings on bass and Dave Ruffy on drums with Leigh Heggarty on guitar. They kick off with “Surprise”,  a dynamic up tempo rocker that gets the small but enthusiastic crowd going, then immediately show the pace down with “Whatever We Do” and “Mighty Soldier”, two songs that show they haven’t lost their touch when turning their hand to Reggae tinged numbers.

They immediately take us back to their Punk beginnings with “Back  Biter” and “It Was Cold”,  two old songs that liven up the crowd, the more familiar numbers getting the decidedly older crowd moving. They show things down again with “Second Hand Child” a some tune dealing with the subject of child abuse before launching back into two classics “S. U. S” and “West One (Shine On Me)”.

Mixing up the newer songs with the crowd pleasing favourites makes for an entertaining set and they launch into another new one called “Psychic Attack” a song that will be on the new album, played at a frenetic pace it’s loud and intense with some powerful drumming from Ruffy, it sounds like it wouldn’t have been out of place on their debut 1979 album “The Crack”. Segs dedicates “Love In Vein” to Malcolm Owen,  the poignant song about addiction seguing into Junior Murvin’s “Police And Thieves”. They dedicate “Jah War” to Mike “Prince Fatty” Pelanconi, Brighton resident and producer on their previous album “Rhythm Collision Vol. 2”. Playing “Babylon’s Burning” and “Staring  At The Rude Boys” gets a lively mosh pit going down the front, as does “In A Rut”, the chorus shouted back by everyone including Fed’s UK who have joined the moshers at the front.

After they leave the stage and return for an encore, Ruffy mentions that he is due to have both hips replaced but doesn’t want to complain. They then launch into a raucous three song intro that includes “Something That I Said” before finally sending us on our way.

36 years down the line, Segs and Ruffy prove themselves to be the punk stalwarts that they undoubtedly are, still gigging and recording with a loyal following helping to keep them going. Long may it continue.


Ruts DC