Support comes from Arkon Fly who’s brand of Electrofunk is similar to bands like Freeze with a hint of Cameo and Morgan Khan’s Street Sounds Electro series thrown in there for good measure. It’s danceable and funky and a perfect support slot for the funk master himself, Mr George Clinton.

Mr Clinton is 74 years old now and still commanding the mother ship to bring us the best of the F.U.N.K. He strolls onto the stage to huge applause, dressed in a checked suit and matching wide brimmed hat, a psychedelic band leader in charge of his merry band of funksters.

He sings, leads us in chants like “free your ass and your mind will follow”, gets everyone to wave their arms on his signal and even manages to get people to jump up and down on his command. A funk aerobics master class in keeping the audience involved.

Musically, it’s the mish mash of Soul, Funk, Barbershop quartet harmonising and Rock that keeps the crowd moving. Funk jams like “Give Up The Funk” and “Atomic Dog” lead into a great mash up of “One Nation Under A Groove” into “Flashlight” into “Not Just Knee Deep”.

Sir Nose comes on stage, shirtless and wearing white furry trousers and proceeds to do handstands, climbing onto the speakers to bend himself into yoga positions while he hypes up the crowd. The band meanwhile are a tight ensemble of drummers, guitarists, horn players, backing singers and percussionists, playing solos that show their versatility and musicianship.

Always worth going to see, a truly one off artist still playing music the way he sees it, brash, stylish, danceable and always funky.

George Clinton has a memoir out later this year with the elaborate title “Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You“, should be worth checking out


Arkon Fly

George Clinton