George Mpanga is a 23 year old Cambridge University graduate who under his George The Poet moniker has been performing spoken word poetry for a few years now.

His sold out Brighton show begins with support act Shelz The Dancer performing to a range of beat heavy tunes in between chatting to the audience.

Once George takes to the stage, he starts speaking to the audience then pretends to be interrupted my a mobile phone ringing, he answers the phone in his pocket and explains that he’s in the middle of a gig so will speak later. This is basically the introduction to his poem called “Grinding”, and from there we witness an assured performance combining with wordplay, beats and some live instrumentation from the musicians on stage with him.

Other poems like “1,2,1,2” stress our uniqueness and individuality as there are “seven billion people in the world, but only one you”.

In 2014, George released an EP entitled “The Chicken And The Egg”. The seven songs on the EP deal with the cycle of absent fathers in young people’s lives. We get to hear “If The Shoe Fits”, an entertaining piece from this EP that tells a relationship story from the point of view of three people, with George stopping to explain a bit about each person before performing their story.

There’s a good deal of social commentary in all the poems, and he frequently references Harlesden in North West London were he was born and still resides. At one point in the show he puts on a tie and performs from a lectern, telling us that his political party is called the “Search Party” and we can fill in forms at the back of the venue of we want to join.

An entertaining and captivating show from an assured and confident performer who knows how to craft words to entertain and inform.


George The Poet