Arrested Development have gone through a few line up changes since their 1992 debut album, but judging by the large crowd here in Brighton tonight they’ve still got a fan base.

The band is made up of drums, bass and lead guitar, with two female vocalists, DJ One Love, and main vocalist Speech. They’ve released plenty of albums over the years (tenth album “Standing At The Crossroads” was released in 2012 and given away for free) so they’ve got plenty of material to showcase.

Speech has always been a great front man, with an eclectic dress sense and a cheeky grin he interacts well with the audience. The two singers either side of him both have strong vocals and a natty line in dance moves, the three of them making for a visually and vocally arresting stage presence.

Not surprisingly though, it’s the big hits “Mr. Wendal”, “Revolution” and “Tennessee” that get the biggest responses but the entire show is energetic, full of positive vibes and uplifting songs.

Taking us back to the days when Afrocentric Hip Hop still had a place in the music industry, they’re a reminder of the flip side to the lame “gangsta” image that has come to redefine what Hip Hop is today.

They finish with “People Everyday”, based around the 1968 classic “Everyday People” by Sly and The Family Stone, and the big singalong chorus is a great way to end an entertaining and danceable show.


Arrested Development

Also worth checking out is this TEDx speech given by Speech 🙂