They’re calling it a day after seven years together so this tour is appropriately called “The Last Hurrah”.

It’s a shame they’ve decided to split up because their brand of raucous Rock ‘n’ Roll infused with a liberal helping of Punk Rock panache is a winning formula for a live gig. Not for nothing their record label is called “Punk Rock Blues”. There’s a lively all ages crowd here tonight too, proving that the Jim Jones Revue have an across the board appeal.

The five piece comprising drums, bass, piano, rhythm and lead guitar launch into what proves to be a blistering run through their four albums.

Jim Jones is a riotous bundle of energy throughout the show, urging us to clap or sing along as he reminds us that this is the last time that we will ever get to hear these songs.

It’s great to hear these tunes played so energetically and blisteringly loud,  my personal favourites being “Rock n Roll Psychosis”, “Seven times around the sun”, “Killin’ Spree” and “Elemental”.

They end the main part of their set after about an hour with “Who’s got mine”, and it’s an explosive ending to an intense and raucous set. After a short break they come back for an extended encore. Special mention must go to Henri Herbert, the boogie woogie piano player who has channeled the kinetic energy of Jerry Lee Lewis and Pinetop Perkins. Check out the clip below to see him playing a piano at King’s Cross St. Pancras station in London to see what I mean.

Live music definitely needs more of the kind of high octane performance that the Jim Jones Revue always delivered, so I hope that whatever the various band members do it’s as lively as this.

A great live band who will be sorely missed.


Jim Jones Revue