As part of the London International Ska Festival, the Victoria and Albert museum have got the Gladdy Wax Sound System and the Tighten Up crew playing tunes in the grounds during the afternoon. A great idea, using an iconic building in London as a venue to play the best of Ska and Rocksteady. Having been around sound systems for almost 40 years, Gladwin Wright is the perfect choice for stringing up his sound and playing for the masses.

The Gladdy Wax Sound System are also an annual fixture at the Notting Hill Carnival and Gladdy Wax is well known both in Birmingham where he is originally from (DJ-ing for Birmingham’s Quaker City sound in the 1970s) as well as London where he has run a record shop and now has an online store.

He’s known for wearing white gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints on his records, and his crew plays a great selection of classic R ‘n’ B and Ska. There’s a great atmosphere in the venue, with plenty of people hopping about in the ornamental fountain pool as the tunes are spun. Good to see it’s a mix of all ages too and not just aging Ska fans. A great event that would have been worth paying to attend, the fact that it was free making it even better.


London International Ska Festival

Gladdy Wax’s Record Store