This is part of the Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul live show and always has a good turn out whenever it touches down at the Concorde. The Sheffield band is made up of a drummer, conga player, a DJ, an eight piece horn section an an MC. Right from the off, they’ve got a funky mix of Jazz and Hip Hop cooking and the already packed crowd are well into the energetic vibe.

My only gripe was that the MC’s vocals would occasionally get lost in that vast brass onslaught but he did really well to be heard most of the time. They’re veterans of the festival circuit now and it shows in their assured performance.

I’m not familiar with their tunes, which is why I wanted to catch them live, so it was good to hear a band play for the first time with no expectations as to what they would do. There was great interaction with the crowd, something that comes from playing lots of gigs, and they definitely know how to put on an entertaining show.016

Brass and percussion are always a good recipe for a danceable gig. The Apples and The Hot 8 Brass Band are two more bands who combine the two to great effect, and of course James Brown knew how to make it funky.

Worth checking out if they appear near you.


Craig Charles

Renegade Brass Band