Support comes from The Drop, a nine piece from London. Their sound is a mixture of Reggae, Dub, and Drum & Bass and gets the early arrivals moving, which is always a good way to kick off the evening.

006The Sagittarius Band are a versatile Reggae band who have been around for over thirty years and have been backing Yellowman for just as long. Their dubwise heavyweight drum ‘n’ bass sound coupled with guitar and keyboards provides the perfect Ska and Reggae backing for both artists tonight. Dillinger (Lester Bullock) is up first, he’s been recording since 1975 and swaggers onto the stage in natty bowler hat and shiny outfit. He’s a sprightly 60 years old and proceeds to give us a good rundown of his risque and good natured musical career with songs like “Bouncing Ball”, “Loving Pauper” and his tale of a Honda motorbike “CB 200”. But it’s his best known tune “Cokane in My Brain” that gets the biggest reception. A great set from a veteran performer.

After Dillinger’s performance, there’s a short break before the charismatic and ever energetic Yellowman comes bounding onto the stage, high kicking, running on the spot and bouncing around like a Reggae Zebedee. He was the first dancehall artist to be signed to Columbia Records in the 80’s and again takes us through his musical CV with songs including “Dem Mad Over Me”, “I’m Getting Married”, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “Sex Education”, where he extolls the virtues of using a condom when having sex. He never stops moving, and looks fit and toned in his Adidas gear as he high fives those at the front of the stage.

His set only slows down briefly when he does a version of Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill” then it’s back to the fast paced aerobic jump up. His signature tune “Zung-guzung-gugu-zung-guzeng” gets a huge response, with plenty of people singing along, and the whole set is a testament to showmanship and having fun.

The Drop

King Yellowman