Brighton resident Mr. Simmonds provides the music, a blend of Hip Hop and Funk breaks coupled with his impeccable scratching. The support band are Town of Cats, whose whimsical, horn driven tunes are a danceable and fun way to start the evening. Both acts set us up nicely for the headliners.

Taking their name from a great tune by Jelly Roll Morton, King Porter Stomp have been on the Brighton music scene for a few years now and have released two albums to date. Tonight the seven piece play a danceable selection from their back catalog and their Jazzy,  Funk, Ska,  Dub, Hip Hop hybrid would be a crowd pleaser at any gig or festival. No surprise that they’re veterans of the festival circuit too.

Their frontman MC Jonezy is a genial and laid back performer, chatting amiably in between songs and getting the crowd hyped during the more energetic numbers. Second album “Shuffle” is a great something-for-everyone mix of eclectic styles and subject matter and played live by this funky band it makes for some fine dance music too.

Check them out if you get a chance.


King Porter Stomp