Support comes from Iyes (pronounced ‘eyes’), students from BIMM the local Brighton music school who play a danceable electronic set that sounds good and goes down very well. Comprising duo Josh Christopher on music and vocals and Melis Soyaslanová on vocals, they’ve got some good local support in tonight their set goes down well.

The Crystal Fighters are a six piece from London via the Basque country who are here to promote “Cave Rave”, their excellent second album that is also one of my favourite albums of 2013. They arrive onstage to a thrashy guitar solo and rave era beats. They’re all draped in hoods, beads and bangles and right from the start they’re radiating good vibes.

The set is a good mix of old material from their first album “Star of Love” from 2010 plus a good selection from the new album “Cave Rave”. The sold out Concorde crowd are completely up for it and bouncing around from the off. They’re a definite draw as a live act, having played hundreds of shows and with a sound that’s a danceable fusion of many genres it’s guaranteed to go down well.

This is some proper feel good dance music that is uplifting when witnessed live but is equally great just to listen to on headphones. It’s not something I particularly notice at gigs, as Brighton crowds tend to be pretty much across the board when it comes to age, but I was struck by just how young the majority of their fans seem to be. Every song on their set is greeted with recognition so they’re playing to an audience who is well familiar with their stuff. It’s hard to pick out a stand out song amongst their feel good set but “I love London” and current single “You and I” go down really well.

Catch them if you can. A proper live act who put on a lively show that harks back to the days of rave inclusivity.


Crystal Fighters