When Always a great live experience, The Apples are playing here tonight as part of the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show.
First it’s Brighton’s own DJ Format who lays down a fine selection of soul, funk and breaks that are only a fraction of this beat diggers’ extensive records collection. He’s also got a new album out called “The Foremost”, featuring old school Philly rap legend Phill Most Chill, so definitely go and cop that to hear some proper hip hop beats and lyricism.

drum and bassThe Apples were only here in May of this year at the Blind Tiger Club, something we reviewed here, but they’re always worth checking out. Led by powerhouse drummer Yonadav Halevy, they tear through an energetic set that has the packed venue jumping and dancing along. They play a nice selection of their last three albums and a few tunes of the new album “Fly On It”, giving the four man horn section plenty of time to solo and show just how funky they can get.

funky hornsTrumpet player Arthur Krasnobaev is particularly lively, coming to the front of the stage to get people jumping with him in unison. They play a spirited version of “Killing In The Name Of”, perhaps their most well know tune, and get the audience to participate in the chanted chorus. My favourite song of theirs is called “Attention!” and starts with a great baritone sax solo that goes into that good funky drumming. Tonight they feature Brighton trombonist Greg Davies who comes on to join the brass section. All in all, this is dance music at its life affirming best, laid down by a bunch of funky Israelies who know how to bring it live. Excellent!

When Craig Charles plays out, he lays down some of the funkier tunes that he plays on his 6 Music radio show. So we get to hear extended dance remixes of songs like Stevie Wonders’ “Superstition”, “ABC” by The Jackson Five and Marvin Gayes’ “Heard It Through The Grapevine”. There’s plenty of room for Reggae though, with “No, no, no” by Dawn Penn and Prince Fattys’ version of “Insane In The Membrane”. He keeps it uptempo and danceable and there’s a great response to all the music played. Soulful, funky and no nonsense floor fillers, exactly what you want from this kind of “radio show on the road” experience.


DJ Format

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show

The Apples