The backing band for tonight are The Ras-Ites, the go to band for a lot of the visiting Jamaican acts, but these guys are a serious band in their own right.  Made up of drums,  bass, keyboards and lead/rhythm guitar they play some tunes of their own, including their version of “Picture On The Wall” by The Naturalites and Aswad’s “Drum And Bass Line”. They end their little set with “Chant Them Down”, the single from their new EP “Reason Time”.

mighty diamondsThe Mighty Diamonds have been going since 1969, with the original trio still intact having recorded over 40 albums together. Unfortunately, only two members have made it for this gig tonight though.”Judge” Ferguson in suit and natty trilby,  and “Bunny” Simpson in waistcoat. Third member “Tabby” Shaw couldn’t make it because of the usual “visa problems” which always seem to arise when Jamaican musicians are due to visit. A real shame because he’s the main vocalist out of the trio. Tabby and Bunny put on a decent show,  taking it in turns to sing lead and backing each other up with good harmonies.

We get to hear plenty of songs in their 90 minute set,  including “Lord I gotta keep on moving”, “Juvenile Chile”, and they get a good reception for their extended version of their classic “Pass the Kouchie”. They encore with a spirited version of “Country Living” and that’s it. Without all the members the show is good not great but they at least put on a decent show.

Always good to see any of these original Reggae dons doing their thing.