Caxton Press are a London based three piece consisting of 2 male MCs and a female singer/MC. They put on an energetic show in the support slot and power through material from their 2012 album “Shame the devil”. It’s a good lively start to the show, I’m looking forward to hearing their new CD which they said should be out soon.

Fresh of their “Kings of the Mic” tour (along with De la Soul, Ice Cube and LL Cool J) Public Enemy are on a short jaunt around Europe. A normal 90 minute show for most bands is actually about half of a normal P.E. set, so it’s a case of ploughing through the greatest hits before curfew at 23.00.

DJ Lord and the rest of The Banned (T-Bone on drums, Khari Wynn on guitar and legendary producer Davey D on bass) take to the stage and strike up a groove which is the cue for Chuck D to come bounding on and immediately launch into “Welcome to the terror dome”.

Flanked by James Bomb and Pop Diesel of the S1Ws (Griff isn’t here tonight) and with Flavor Flav being his usual fountain of energy, it’s classic P.E. showmanship from the best live act in hip hop.

We get to hear all their classics plus newer songs like “I shall not be moved” and “Harder than you think”. There’s great interplay between Chuck and Flav and good solos from ace guitarist Khari Wynn. I only saw them last October when my crew Sublime Wizardry supported them in Brighton, so not too much more to add as they always put 100% effort in and will always be worth going to see live.

Now inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and showing no signs of slowing down, Public Enemy are still a welcome and relevant part of the Hip Hop landscape in 2013.


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