Support comes from long standing Brighton hip hop crew Rum Committee who always put in an energetic set. Gizmo from the group tells me afterwards he felt they were a bit rusty but that’s the importance of trying to play regularly. Big up the rumbunctious ones.

Bronx based crew Ultramagnetic MCs put out the classic album “Critical Beatdown” 25 years ago and this has been billed as a reunion tour to showcase that album. They come bounding onto the stage in an explosion of glittery costumes complete with flashing lights on them that wouldn’t be out of place at a Funkadelic show. There’s three of them here tonight, legendary producer Ced Gee, TR Love and Kool Keith (no Moe Love to complete the line up). They launch into an enthusiastic bit ramshackle show but the up for it Brighton crowd give them huge amounts of love.

It wasn’t a bad show as such, I just think they should have showcased the classic album a bit more as that’s what the show was billed as. New track “Let the bars go” is nothing special based on their previous material but at least they’ve got some new tunes. When they did play the great cuts off that album like “Ease back”, “Give the drummer some” and “Ego trippin'” we were catapulted back to 1988 and that incredibly creative era in Hip Hop.

So, it was pretty much what I expected, a patchy but enthusiastic show complete with the high and lows that a lot of these reunion shows seem to have. They all hung around after their set to take photos and sign stuff which is always a nice touch and were a friendly enough bunch.

An ok night out but not a great one.


Rum Committee’s website

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