Misty in Roots put their first album out in 1979 and are still going strong today, although there have been line up changes over the years. They were stalwarts of the Rock Against Racism scene and often played with one of my favourite Punk bands, The Ruts. Misty in Roots even released The Ruts’ very first single “In a rut” on the “People Unite” label in 1978.

poko 1Tonight the band consists of drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitarists, trombone, tenor sax and keyboards and they definitely create a full on Roots Reggae vibe. The packed crowd are into the vibe from the off, and vocalist Poko is all smiles and waves as he guides the band through this great set. There’s a great soulful, uplifting feeling to the music and all the musicians get a chance to solo without being too flashy.
poko 2
Righteous vocals without the need for being too preachy is how I would describe most of the lyrics. They’re still calling for unity and understanding as they did when they first emerged and it’s a universal message that goes down well.

Worth checking out if you get the chance. Misty in Roots clearly enjoy playing live and play with a passion that we should demand from any live band.


Misty in Roots website