It’s an honour to have my crew Sublime Wizardry support the almighty Blastmaster KRS1. We’re using DJ Tones from underground UK Hip Hop crew Dunken Eejit as our DJ tonight and he puts in great work on the ones and twos, a true turntablist. The set goes down well and that’s all we can do as an opener for a Hip Hop legend.

His son Predator Prime is on the decks and his daughter is helping out with the merchandise so it’s a real family affair when the Blastmaster goes on tour these days. With something like 20 albums under his belt. KRS1 has a lot of material to draw from to say the least. Tonight we get all the classics and some freestyle action that keeps the packed Concorde crowd entertained from start to finish.

Tunes like “Step into a world”, “Criminal minded”, “I’m still #1” and “Sound of da police” are classic Hip Hop joints that always go down well and when he does “South Bronx” the venue erupts and has everyone bawling the chorus like we were Bronx born natives.

There are several entertaining freestyle session throughout, ending with the house lights up and KRS1 standing in the middle of the dancefloor busting rhymes surrounded by a hyper crowd. At one point he runs into the mens’ toilets and comes back out, much to the amusement of those in there at the time. A Hip Hop veteran who still cares about putting on a decent show, artists like KRS and Public Enemy are examples of how to present entertaining gig where you might just pick up a nugget of information along the way. Hip Hop as it should be.



Sublime Wizardry

Drunken Eejit interview