The last time Trouble Funk played in London was 1988. Twenty five years later, they’ve decided to play two dates in London (nowhere else in Europe) so it’s not surprising that the dates are sold out.

We’re warmed up on this rainy night with music from Snowboy. DJ, percussionist and music aficionado who lays down some of those classic Go Go tunes from Reds and the Boys, E.U. (Experience Unlimited) and Chuck Brown, the original Go Go don who helped popularise the sound.

Trouble Funk take to the stage looking resplendent in their suits, hats, waistcoats and ties. Original vocalist and bass player “Big Tony” Fisher looks pretty chuffed to be here as they immediately launch into a frenzy of percussion and horns.

The band consists of drums, trumpet, sax, congas, two keyboard players, lead guitar and two other vocalists besides Big Tony. All the vocalists specialise in the unique call and response vocal that is a feature of Go Go.

They still play a weekly residency back in D.C. so they’re a tight and we’ll oiled groove machine who know how to get the party jumping. “Pump me up” still sounds fresh despite being sampled and cut to death in Hip Hop but all the songs they play tonight are guaranteed to get a party started.

When they finish with ” Drop the bomb” about an hour and fifty minutes later it’s all too soon. Let’s hope enough promoters get them back touring Europe again soon.

Still smoking on the Go Go scene? Most definitely.


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