Support comes from Ty, London rap veteran who has a new album “A kick snare and an idea”. He’s a great performer and has been on the hip hop scene long enough to know how to put on a great show. His more well know tunes go down well and the newer stuff keeps the crowd partying. His DJ, Big Ted is also a veteran of the UK scene and together they know how to rock a crowd. A great way to kick off the show.

A welcome return for the New Orleans players who have made Brighton their home from home and who always get a good turnout when they play here.

They’re promoting the latest album “The life and times of the Hot 8” and kick off with the first track from there “Steaming Blues”, a vibrant trombone led stomper straight out of Treme that gets the Brighton massive moving.

They also play their cover version of The Specials “Ghost Town”, an appropriate comment on New Orleans’ 9th Ward, and it gets me wondering what Jerry Dammers thinks of their version. It’s poignant but uplifting as they add a swing to it that makes sound ultimately optimistic.

I’ve reviewed them before, suffice to say they’re always great live and their version of “Sexual healing” still sounds great.

Georgie my lovely missus loves them and I do too. Life affirming music from people who can’t be stopped by a hurricane or FEMA.


Hot 8 Brass Band

Ty’s Website