Support comes from Brighton DJ stalwarts the Vinyl Veterans (in the bar laying down that good funk and hip hop) and New York DJ and producer Statik Selecta.

He plays a crowd pleasing selection of classic hip hop jams and keeps up a lively patter on the mic as he plays the role of DJ/MC. It goes down well and is exactly what gets a knowledgeable Brighton hip hop crowd moving.

His set was much longer than Primo’s, who finally comes on at 22.30 to do pretty much that same thing as Statik Selecta. Maybe they should have just had Primo on for longer. He played a good selection of tunes, including classics he produced for KRS1, Nas and The Goodie Mob, demonstrating just how faultless his production credentials.

His voice was hoarse though, so his bellowing over the records could have maybe been turned down a bit, a minor gripe considering he kept the crowd amped up.

A fun night but ultimately nothing too special from the headliner.


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