It’s freezing cold in the venue and snowing outside, so it’s not going to be too busy tonight. The Vinyl Veterans and Beta Hector both play good sets that keep the small crowd dancing, so that’s a good start.
It’s a little bit busier by the time the band take the stage, but it’s a shame they came to Brighton on such a Wintry night.

Syntax is a veteran of the Brighton hip hop scene and has put in a lot of work over the years at Slip Jam (Brighton’s and maybe the UK’s longest running hip hop night). He’s also worked with the Foreign Beggars and Stig of the Dump as well as recording with Tom Caruana (check out their album “A slice of fried gold” which came out in 2012).

It’s a lively set, with Syntax sounding good on top of the band, which consists of trumpet, sax, bass, drums, lead guitar and keyboards. The drumming was a little too metronomic for me which was unnecessary¬† because they had a guy on a drum machine and when the drummer did loosen up it was all a lot funkier.

Crowd favourites from Syntax like “Hire me” and “Subcultures” went down well, with the small but lively crowd also getting into the newer material.

Syntax also had a guest MC, a young guy by the name of Sparkz, whose lively delivery and enthusiastic patter certainly lived up to his name. They both worked hard and kept the crowd participating throughout the show, good on them both for entertaining those who showed up.

A good gig by a decent band. All we ask for in hip hop.


The Mouse Outfit

The video for Hire me