Support comes from Brighton old school crate diggers the Vinyl Veterans and it’s the perfect act to compliment Lord Finesse, a Bronx DJ, emcee, crate digger supreme and founder of producer/DJ/emcee collective Digging In The Crates. He’s got DJ Boogie Blind from turntable crew the X-ecutioners on the one’s and two’s and his consummate turntable skills and general approachability make him a true party rocking DJ.

He’s currently working on a new album but tonight it’s all about his twenty year back catalogue presented in an entertaining, old school way with plenty of humour and anecdotes about how he met Big L and brought him into his crew. He enthusiastically goes through tunes line “Party Over Here” and “Bad Mutha” and keeps the crowd hype for the duration of his lively set. Crowd favourite “You Know What I’m About” went down well with the Brighton hip hop heads and with three key albums to work through “Funky Technician”, “Return Of The Funky Man”and “The Awakening” there’s plenty of great funk fuelled joints for him to drop.

There’s a change of pace half way through the set when DJ Boogie Blind showcases his turntable skills by cutting up “Beats to the rhyme” by Run DMC, Lord Finesse then moves in to take his place and they continue the beat going by switching places at the decks. Consummate DJ skills from two real turntable masters.

Finesse then drops a tribute to New York by getting Boogie Blind to play snatches of golden era hip hip tunes and presents a tribute to Big L by playing some of his classics. Finally, he ends this entertaining hip hop show with the Digging In the Crates posse cut “Day one”.

Clearly a man who knows how to put on an entertaining and funky hip hop show, try and catch Lord Finesse if you get the chance. In this day and age of hip hop chancers and weak shows, it’s good to go and see someone who puts a premium on entertaining people. That’s what hip hop is supposed to be about.