They’ve got an album in the pipeline, but tonight this Brighton based band are playing their second ever Brighton gig to launch their new single. They’ve been putting in work on the gigging circuit this year though so it’s nice to hear them in their home town.

The band consists of drums, keyboards, guitar, DJ Downlow on turntables, Bellatrix on upright bass, Cate Ferris ably backing Diz up or singing lead as well as playing keyboards, and finally Dizraeli on guitar, melodica and vocals.

They’re definitely a great live band, with their folky take on hip hop being upbeat, positive and danceable. Diz is a great front man, with his spoken word interludes going down really well and showing why he was BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam winner and Farrago UK Slam champion.

They play songs off first album “Engurland (city shanties)” and keep the pace of the show bouncing along with some newer songs. As for the up for it crowd, they keep dancing throughout this energetic set. New single “Never mind” with it’s catchy chorus goes down really well, and from the number of people singing along it’s obvious people have been downloading and listening to it.

At one point, Bellatrix puts her bass down to show us why she won the UK beat box championships, dropping speaker shredding bass and snare patterns that go down a storm.

It’s entertainment and well presented. Defying genres but with a world of varying influences coming together in a perfect balance, they’re on course for bigger things. Here’s hoping it comes soon as this is a band that deserves it.

Check out the video for their new single “Never mind”.