My old mate Dave Barbarossa has just had his first book published. It’s called “Mud Sharks” and tells the tale of a drummer in a punk band coming up in the Seventies. Dave was the drummer in Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow, so he’s clearly embracing the idea of writing about what you know for your very first book.

What’s great about tonight is that rather than host a stuffy book launch he’s playing a short gig in front of friends and family. As I write this, my copy of his book is in the post so I can’t comment on it but there’s a brief four star review of the book from Q magazine on Dave’s website here.

Dave has recently been bringing his powerhouse drumming to the guitar sounds of Will Crewdson of Scant Regard. Crewdson was previously in Nineties rockers Rachel Stamp but now he’s armed with his trusty guitar, an array of distortion pedals and some programmed drum sounds. Think Kraftwerk meets Link Wray for hors d’oeuvres at Arthur Bakers’ house and you’ll have an idea of how Scant Regard sounds.

It’s loud like Bad Brains or The Jim Jones Revue but not mindlessly thrashy. His version of Kraftwerks’ “The model” sounding particularly good. Dave joins him onstage to add his rock solid and always funky drumming to the proceedings and it’s great to both watch and rock out to.

When Dave’s old band mate Leigh Gorman from Bow Wow Wow also joins in, his funk bass sound is the perfect compliment to the groove. They end with an instrumental version of “I want candy”, Dave’s drumming showcasing his syncopated power and the tune still sounding great after all these years. A great night and a great way to launch a book.

Get a copy here.