“Shake the dust” is a weekend of spoken word performances showcasing the best of the young (13 to 16 years in age) poets currently around in the UK. Along the way, there’s performances from established spoken word artists and that’s why we’re here tonight.

Kate Tempest started our as a hip hop MC but has developed into a spoken word performer and author as well as giving workshops in schools and fronting the band “Sound of Rum”. She’s given a huge welcome and launches into a non stop barrage of rhymes delivered with conviction and passion. She gleefully leaps off the stage and performs a poem amongst the people seated at the back of the venue to huge cheers. Unpretentious and extremely likable, she’s a great performer with something to say, check her out if you get the chance.

Saul Williams has a similar outlook to Kate Tempest, in that he’s an actor, writer, hip hop fan and great spoken word performer. He delivers his poems with wit and passion and it’s always a pleasure to heart him spit lyrical fire. A life long hip hop fan, his flows match those of many current MCs. We get a good mix of his old and new stuff, some he reads from scraps of paper. Classic joints like “Sha clack clack” and “Coded language” still sound heavy, a lyrical barrage of metaphor and metre.

Two modern day griots from very different backgrounds, they’re the perfect example of the cream of modern day spoken word.