The Wailers Band still continue to tour the world, playing the crowd pleasing songs made famous by Bob Marley. Sure, it’s an an exercise in nostalgia but with songs this great who cares? The great bass player Aston “Family Man” Barrett is now the only original Wailer left, and he’s aided by a drummer, keyboard, lead guitar, two female backing singers and lead vocalist Koolant Brown.

They’re playing to a packed Concorde tonight and it’s a sing-along from start to finish. The universal appeal of the songs are still there and tunes like “Three little birds”, “No woman, no cry”, “Could you be loved”, “I shot the sheriff”, “Exodus”, “Redemption Song” etc., etc still sound great to this day. Not much more to add really. For this of us who never saw Bob Marley live this is as close as you can get, some songs are timeless and will never lose their appeal from generation to generation. It says a lot about Bob Marley that he wrote a lot of songs in that category that still touch people today.