Derriere – a raucous mix of Rockabilly, good ol’ fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues (in the original sense of the word not the crap singing/rapping that is called R ‘n’ B these days). With front woman Sarah aka Gloria Stittes belting out each number as if her dear little life depended on it, you’re guaranteed a rip roaring, foot stomping spectacle that’s also encapsulated by acts like Big Boy Bloater or the Jim Jones Revue – shamelessly wearing your (great) influences on your sleeve.

Their own songs like “Battle plan” and “Give it up” carry on in the same vein. great foot stompers that could have been crafted 50 years ago. Although it was busy at the Ropetackle, there was a decidedly older crowd who applauded every song in the first half but really came alive after the interval when the band started their second set. (After the booze had broken down their good old-fashioned British reserve). So it was a much lively second half with people young and old jiving and executing their best Rock ‘n’ Roll moves.

Between the excellent band and the cheeky banter of Sarah in between songs it was a lively set from start to finish, perfect for any venue or festival. Check ’em out if you get the chance.