This is the first of a two night residency at the Royal Albert Hall (my son is going to the second night so we’ll have to compare notes after). The idea is for the band to play their major label debut “Sailing The Seas Of Cheese” (from 1991) then last years “Green Naugahyde” album in their entirety.

The stage is flanked by two huge astronauts with a face projected onto them as the band take to the stage and launch into a frenetic rendition of “Here come the bastards”. The sound is crystal clear and Les Claypools’ bass playing is good and LOUD. There’s a small standing area at the front of the stage which has some periodic bouts of moshing but most of us are sitting down. It’s still a fine way to enjoy the set and the three piece are on top form. The songs “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” and “Tommy the Cat” getting particularly enthusiastic receptions. Claypool tells us how great it is to be playing in this venue and the first half of the show is followed by an intermission of four old school black and white “Popeye” cartoons projected onto the stage backdrop.

I preferred the first half of the show to the second half simply because I think they played the better album first, “Green Naugahyde” being a trifle formulaic and repetitive for me. Having said that, someone playing with the dexterity that Les Claypool demonstrates, even on their more mundane numbers is something worth seeing.  They liven things up with their encore of “Groundhog’s day” and “Wynona’s big brown beaver” and this brings things to a frenetic close.

A good band who are great live, Primus are always worth checking out.