The Apples are a funky nine-piece from Tel Aviv, former students at Jerusalem’s Rubin Academy of Music, who play a jazzy, funky, danceable groove laced with hip hop sensibilities and cutting and scratching turntables from two DJs. Here to promote their latest album “Fly on it”, an Apples gig is always an exercise in all things funky.

Centred around the powerful drumming of Yoni Levi, the four piece brass section and double DJ assault perfectly compliment each other and drive an infectious dance groove.  They play a little bit from their five albums to date, with Yoni introducing the numbers on the new album (which to be honest don’t sound like a huge departure from what they’ve previously done). They go down a storm however, with the biggest cheer of the night reserved for “Killing”, their funked up cover version of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the name”.

They’re a great dance band with a funky brass section, exactly like James Brown had with the JB’s (The Apples previous album “Kings” featured several tracks with Fred Wesley, an obvious nod to one of their many influences). Unmissable live, great to dance to, all you need from a live show.