The Aussie bluesman and his Primitive Horn Orchestra touch down in Brighton for some more exotic and bizarre tales of his exploits in faraway lands. The band consists of cornet, trombone, drums and double bass/tuba, and their playing is either at the forefront or providing gentle melodies as C.W. regales us with banter, songs and exaggerated monologues ranging from how he was rescued by pygmies from a shipwreck to how he didn’t really think through trying to launch a blues career in New Orleans as a white Australian.

Most of the songs tonight are from his two albums “King Hokum” and “Jungle Blues”, and his easy going manner and general jovial manner all delivered in a deadpan Aussie drawl makes it more like a stand up comics routine with songs rather than a straight up gig. All great fun and the songs ranging from mellow to upbeat are great to listen and dance to.

Truly the king of hokum, you’ll be transported back to the Twenties and invited to suspend belief for the duration of the set while you enjoy the music and storytelling. Great stuff.