Doing the proper thing of gigging regularly to get their name out there, Dan and Dave aka The Horse Brothers played a great set that sounds more confident every time I see them. I’ve caught up with them in March and May and only missed their April gig ‘cos it was on my birthday. They’re definitely sounding tighter with each set that I see but then they’re musicians of a certain standard so it will always sound good. Dan’s vocals are raw and emotional while Dave’s powerhouse drumming keep things grooving nicely. Still, this is the man who played on “Dirk wears white sox” and backed Bow Wow Wow so the drumming is always going to be tough.

They need to get a CD out, but you can check out what it is they do on Soundcloud:

And here’s “Gun in the home” from the Water Rats gig:


May review:

March review: