The Great Escape Festival takes place in Brighton every May while the Brighton Festival is on. Basically, there’s over 300 bands playing in 30 venues all over town in the space of 3 days – a gig goers dream! As part of the Great Escape, Lewis Floyd Henry is busking outside a pub in the middle of town.

He plays pretty much everything on his debut album, “One man and his 30W pram”, in a busking session that starts at 13.00 and still sees him going strong at around 16.15. He has a few short breaks for a pint every now and then, but pretty much plays for a good three hours.

It’s an entertaining set, and his charisma, eccentricity and great playing ability pulls in plenty of passers-by. As well as his own stuff, he plays songs by Nirvana, MC5, Marc Bolan, Jimi Hendrix and any other decent guitar band who ever laid down a good riff.

I saw him support the Jim Jones Revue here in Brighton only last month and whether he’s on stage in a traditional gig setting or out here on the street as a busker Lewis Floyd Henry has a great live show.