Danny and Dave aka the Horse Brothers are gigging pretty regularly now and are slowly building up their live following. I only saw them in March and I’m still really liking the dynamic between Dave’s powerful but funky and syncopated drumming coupled with Dan’s searing guitar riffs and plaintive vocals.

Amp problems had forced Dan to borrow one without knowing what it sounded like, plus they didn’t get a chance to sound check. Despite this it still sounded good to me. Dave was more critical of their performance. I always have a chat with him afterwards and he feels that as there’s only two of them on stage with no bass or keyboards or anything else to cover for them, if something goes wrong like their amp problems then it affects their tight dynamic.

I think he was being overly critical but that’s what makes him such a good musician. Good songs and a good sound. Their doing things the right way by gigging regularly, I’m looking forward to being able to buy this stuff when they get down to recording it.