If you look at clothing company THTC’s website, their mission statement says “Our mission is simple – to support organic farming, reduce agricultural chemical use, encourage ethical trade, save water and to create a buzz around activism“. They’re also affiliated with a variety of musicians who help promote their clothes and they recently produced the official t-shirts for the Justice for Smiley Culture campaign.

They seem to have their hearts in the right places and I’m all for mixing activism with music having been a teenager during the Rock Against Racism campaigns in the late 70’s and a follower of the Love Music Hate Racism campaigns that take place today.

The Trojan Sound System have been affiliated with THTC for a while now and are helping launch the brand at this night tonight. They play an impeccable set. The selectors are Earl Gateshead and Daddy Ad who have been around UK sound system culture for many years now and their deejays come from various South London sounds like Saxon and Coxsone. They play a range of classic Trojan tunes and the chatting and singing of the deejays adds to the great ambiance. Trojan has been the cornerstone of British Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae since its inception in 1968, either you’re into it or you’re not.If you are, the Trojan Sound System is pretty much unbeatable.

Also on the bill tonight is UK underground hip hop stalwart Jehst. His witty laid back flow has perfectly encapsulated life in the UK since he first arrived on the scene at the end of the 90’s. He’s back with a new album and clever Internet campaign that had him being shown on YouTube during his day job as a postman. Check out the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSkiTj6oXAk

Top night out. Trojan Sound System and Jehst are always worth checking out.