Great to be able to go see ’em twice in the space of three days :-).

The setlist and general show was pretty much the same as previously reviewed a couple of days ago in London:

The Brighton gig wasn’t as well attended as the London one, maybe due to the fact that they were on at 20.30 and had to finish by 22.00 as the Playground group were putting on their club night straight afterwards.

Plus, the last time I saw Fishbone play in Brighton was well over twenty years ago so there’s a whole generation of gig goers who probably just don’t know how awesome they are playing live. My 19 year old son would have gone as I’ve exposed him to their rowdy live show before, but he went to a party with his mates instead, none of whom have heard of them.

Their 22.00 finish also meant that they didn’t get a chance to encore which is a shame. Playground should have put them on as part of their evening, as they’re a good bunch of people who know how to put on a club night. In that way Fishbone would have played to more people and the punters would have seen their awesome live show.

Not much more to add, it was the usual stage diving, heavy riffs and huge tunes from the band, who always give it some no matter how many people are in attendance. My definition of a proper band.


And that closes my gigging list for the month of April. 12 gigs in the space of 30 days in between working full time and hanging with my son! Roll on the gigging calendar for May…