The Kalakuta Millionaires are a Brighton band featuring a couple of members of the now defunct Baby Charles. They play a highly danceable mix of Afrobeat, Funk and Latino grooves that is good time music guaranteed to go down well at any festival. They’ve already been played on Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul show and featured on a Mark Lamarr session for his (now defunct) God’s Jukebox radio show.

The line up consists of flute, baritone sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, keyboards, lead guitar, bass, congas and percusssion topped by a great lead singer. There’s some nice solos from the brass section but no instrument outstays its welcome so you get a cohesive sound that’s part Brazilian carnival, part Egypt 80 Afrobeat break out and part JB’s funkathon.

Some of the songs are sung in Spanish, some in an African dialect but it’s all great stuff. The receptive B-Town crowd kept moving from start to finish and there was great interaction between the lead singer, who’s name I didn’t catch, and the front row of dancers in the audience. She mentions she’s originally from East Africa but is going to do a West African song before the band launches into “Water no get enemy” from his 1975 album “Expensive Shit”.

Catch ’em if you get the chance. Simply a great dance band with some really good tunes.