Support comes from one man band Lewis Floyd Henry, whose D.I.Y. approach to music involves pushing his amp onstage in an old McClarens baby buggy, plugging in his Fender Strat and accompanying himself be beating time on a tiny drum kit with his feet. It’s busking with attitude, and his songs like “Went to a part” and “Rickety ol’ Rollercoaster” off his debut album “One man and his 30W pram” are amusing punky blues ditties that put a smile on your face. He also does a nice version of the Wu Tang Clans’ “Protect ya neck” as you can see here

The Jim Jones Revue seem to spend a lot of time on the road. They do things the old fashioned way, relentlessly travelling both here and abroad to take their bluesy punk attitude to the masses. I describe them as having the dynamism of MC5 with a touch of Howling Wolf’s rawness thrown in.

I’ve brought my Fender Strat and bass playing 19 year old son along to this one as I wanted him to see a great guitar band in action. With two albums under their belt, “The Jim Jones Revue” in 2008 and “Burning down your house” in 2010 they’ve got a good set of songs they can play and we get a great mixture of old and new. Jim Jones is a great front man. Wild eyed yet jovial, dynamic and self assured. He belts out their songs like it’s the first time that they’ve ever played them and his life depended on it.

There was a great crowd reaction too, chanting along when asked to and generally leaping about like salmon swimming upstream. Always worth going to see, they’re a band who have great party starting songs who know how to rock a crowd in a live setting. One of my favourite live bands around at the moment.

My son thinks they’re pretty great too.