Support for this one comes from Brighton DJs As-If and Tyni, who warm up the crowd with an impeccable selection of ska and roots reggae. I like when these two play ‘cos it’s like listening to my own record collection without me having to lug them down to the venue. 🙂

Heavyweight dub legend Neil Fraser aka The Mad Professor touches down in Brighton tonight to bring his bass heavy reverb, phaser and digital trickery to the Concorde. He’s the head honcho of the Ariwa record label through which he’s released hundreds of albums over the years and in that time he’s added his dub magic to remixes for everyone from The Ruts in the early days to Massive Attack to Depeche Mode to my lil’ sistren Lindy Layton.

He’s brought a couple of MCs with him to chat over the selections, but it’s all about his crushing dubplates as he plays tune after tune adding reverb, echoes and all manner of effects that keep the crowd moving for the whole of his two hour set. Always known for his experimental streak, he helped transition the traditional dub sound into the digital age with his use of synths, his set keeps you dancing without it just being an all out wall of noise. The basslines are heavy but there’s a lot of syncopation in the grooves. He’s got a definite ear for melody though, and this coupled with timely interjections from the two MC’s make it a great set.

It’s easy to see why he’s constantly in demand all over the world playing this sort of stuff. The Mad Professor brings a great vibe and a great sound.