Horse Brothers are a duo comprising Danny Stewart on vocals and guitar and my good mate Dave Barbarossa on drums. Dave was, of course, the drummer in Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow and has played in a multitude of other bands going across all sorts of genres of music. Marco Pirroni, his bandmate in The Ants is in the audience tonight and tells me he’s keeping busy, having recently worked with Sinead O’Connor.

I’ve seen Dave play in various bands over the years but this is the first time I’ve seen him as part of a duo. Stripped down to just this drum and guitar combo, there’s lots of space for some powerful, driving percussion. Dan’s searing guitar riffs weave in and out of the drums,  sometimes leading the way for the percussion to follow.

It’s a combination that works really well, it sounded quite Nirvana-esque in a way, which is no bad thing. There’s a good dynamic between the two and plenty of space for the lyrics amidst the guitar and drums. They’ve only played a handful of dates so far but it looks and sounds like a promising start for our Horsey chums.