A sort of homecoming gig for the band as four of the six members live in Brighton. They’ve got their third album out “Rolling Blackouts” and from the songs they play from it tonight it’s their usual mish-mash of influences performed with a dynamic intensity that’s hard to resist live.

So, their set is a mixture of old and new stuff backed by swirling, huge guitar riffs (their nod to Sonic Youth) and a double pronged drumming attack from two drum kits. Lead snger Ninja gives her usual high octane performance, all high kicks and jumps, and is a decent enough front person just not a great singer.

The other two ladies in the band, guitarist/keyboardist Kaori Tsuchida and drummer Chi Fukami sing lead vocals on one song each and this breaks the set up nicely along with a couple of instrumentals.

All in all they’re good live and their recorded output is ok. An energetic band who kept the lively Concorde crowd jumping from start to finish. Good stuff.