ADF have been delivering their dub, hip hop, punky, Indian agit-pop dance party since 1993 and have gone through several line up changes in that time. The latest member to move on is original member and bass monster Dr.Das but the band are still going strong and are back with a new album “A history of now”.

What I always liked about them was that they manage to get their politics and ideas across without any pompous sloganeering. It’s the same thing Public Enemy always understood, get people to dance and they’ll get the message while having a good time.

Their set is a mixture of tracks off the new album and classic material. It’s the first time I’ve heard any of the new stuff but it follows the ADF trademark sound of rocky guitar licks courtesy of Chandrasonic alongside heavyweight bass and the energetic tabla and dhol playing of Prithpal Rajpu aka ‘Cyber’.

One stand out part of the set is when the Ministry of Dhol (founded and run by Cyber) accompany the band in a fast percussive instrumental track that prominently features their syncopated drumming.

They get a good crowd response for the older songs like ‘Naxalite’ which still sound great live, and it’s good to see that the new songs seem to go down just as well (although I personally don’t think their new stuff is as strong as their previous material). Still, live is where this band really cut it. I’ve seen them several times now and they’ve never once failed to deliver an entertaining and energetic performance.