Is it nearly Xmas? Then it must be time for The Blockheads annual Xmas show in London, a fixture on my gigging calendar I try not to miss.

Derek the Drawer is on vocal duties tonight. No sign of my old mate Phill Jupitus but I haven’t seen him fronting The Blockheads for about a year now as he’s a busy chappie.  Still, it’s the usual tight set from the old troopers and includes classics such as:

  • Reasons to be cheerful
  • I wanna be straight
  • A little knowledge
  • George the human pigeon
  • If I was with a woman
  • Inbetweenies
  • Clever Trevor
  • Dance little rude boy
  • Wake up and make love to me
  • What a waste
  • Where’s the party
  • Itinerant child
  • Billericay Dickie
  • Sweet Gene Vincent
  • Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

The crowd are the usual mixture of Blockheads faithful. It’s weird going to a gig and recognising members of the audience every time you go, but the interesting thing is that the people who I recognise are both male and female and of all ages, so they obviously just don’t have an older fanbase.

Nothing more to add, I always go to see ’em and they’re always great. The two bands I’ve seen the most number of times are Public Enemy and The Blochkeads. I’ve never actually kept track of the number of times for each but it’s easily around twenty-five. It was P.E in November and The Blockheads this month so my OCD for both bands is temporarily satisfied…and The Blockheads play Brighton in April 2011. Oi! oi! 🙂