It was The Beat last month so this month it’s Pauline Black’s version of The Selecter who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album on Two Tone, “Two Much Pressure”. Of course, the middle-aged greying skinheads are in full effect but there’s a healthy smattering of those pesky young folks here so it doesn’t feel too one-sided in terms of age.

This time she’s joined by her original fellow frontman in the band, Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson, who looks dapper in his suit, tie and hat. He’s slim and trim and as he takes the stage is already full of the boundless energy that characterised his energetic performances. He was always like their version of Neville Staples from The Specials, and it’s good to see him alongside Pauline Black tonight, who looks as immaculate as ever and I still can’t believe she’s now in her late fifties.

As they’re performing their album in tracklisting order, they launch straight into “Three minute hero” and it all goes off from there. Not a huge amount more to add as I’ve reviewed them several times but it IS good to hear all these songs played again. The set is lively, energetic and fun, but decent songs and great front people delivering them will always make for a good gig.

In addition to the debut album, we also get “The Selecter”, “Bristol and Miami”, “Celebrate the bullet”, “Train to Skaville” and the classic “On my radio” which is more pertinent today than ever. It’s a great way to round out the set and the room didn’t stop moving from start to finish. Definitely on my list of bands I always go to see whenever they play (along with The Blockheads, Public Enemy and The Beat).

Has it really been thirty years already ?