The Blastmaster has been spending a bit of time in the UK and the rest of Europe so I thought I might as well pop along to this one even though I only saw him last month. Once again he has Supernatural backing him up and they make a great tag team. Supernatural could front a show in his own right so it’s good having two strong front people on stage. We get all the usual BDP hits and some neat freestyles based on the posters displayed on the stage. KRS1 has some of his original graff work on display as well as posters listing the elements of hip hop and various missives from the Temple of Hip Hop.

Not much more to add that I didn’t say in October’s review. A great show and it’s nice to see him on the Jazz Cafe stage where you can get right up to the front and check it out properly. At one point he was freestyling directly into my video camera, check the footage out below.

KRS1 was also due to give a lecture at the British Library at the end of this month but his schedule has now changed so instead he’s filmed his lecture and Saul Williams will be giving a talk in person in his place. I’ll be reviewing that one when it happens.


Some footage of the man in action, including a nice bit about 2 mins 15 seconds in when he rhymes about me filming him and says “you got the camera on me please don’t stop”. A great show and a good bloke:

October’s gig review: