Hailing from New Zealand (they’re often billed as NZ Shapeshifter) but now residing in Melbourne, Shapeshifter have been around ripping stages with their awesome live show for over ten years.

They’re a five piece comprising members on synth/sax, bass/synth/MPC, guitar/synth/sampler, drummer and soulful vocalist Paora Apera (aka P Digsss). They’re onto their fifth album “The system is a vampire” which came out last year and they tour extensively, having a pretty good following here in the UK.

The sound is pounding drum and bass offset with P Digsss and his soulful voice. Its a formula that works extremely well and they’re not touted as one of the best live drum ‘n’ bass acts in the world for nothing. The packed crowd here are really up for it and P Digsss is all smiles after the end of each song. Particular shout outs go to the drummer Johnny Hooves (good name!), who keeps up a relentless drum and bass groove over all the tracks, playing all round the drum kit like a man possessed but not appearing to break sweat.

Not much more to add really, great songs, great live performers, everything I look for in a live band. Check ’em out of you ever get the chance. Even if drum and bass isn’t your thing, a good vocalist over the top of those dynamite grooves is always going to be worth hearing at least once.