Hailing from Sarf London, this reggae covers band do exactly what their name suggest and serve up the songs we grew up with (or that I grew up with anyway). They comprise drums, keys, bass, lead guitar and vocals. They’re proficient musos but my personal gripe with this kind of thing is two-fold:

1). I just end up wanting to hear the original records (they didn’t play anything I don’t have in my record collection).

2). I like a band to have some original material.

So, after they’ve served up “Swan Lake”, “Just don’t wanna be lonely”, “Good thing going”, “Jamming”, “Night nurse”, “Rudy, a message to you”, “Now that we’ve found love” etc etc (you get the picture), I can’t help thinking they should be playing this on cruise ships to rich holidaymakers who want some vaguely familiar background music over drinks.

They’re capable of writing original stuff and I get what they’re doing – playing popular reggae covers that we all know, I just personally find it all a little unsatisfying. Still, it’s ok as pub fodder on a Sunday evening, and at least the lady I was with loved it.