Coming straight outta Brownsville, Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame have been going as M.O.P since 1993. Their raw, aggressive and lively delivery is instantly distinctive and their “Mash Out Posse” album is, in my opinion, the best rock/rap album yet.

Tonight they’re onstage with their DJ Lazy Laze and from the off it’s a boisterous and energetic show. They bound onto the stage and immediately launch into “Cold as ice”, not my favourite song of theirs but it got into the UK top ten so I’m not disputing its popularity. Both the MC’s and their DJ take it in turns to hype up the crowd and all three joke amongst themselves while drinking from various bottles and filling cups for people in the front row. A hip hop drink and joke-a-thon and it’s all very entertaining. 🙂

Of course “Ante Up” is the tune that brings the house down and it’s amazing to think that it come out in 2000 on their “Warriorz” album. It still sound fresh, vital, loud and just great to bug out to. A hip hop classic.

All in all, it’s a great show. Particularly compared to the lazy performance standards of a lot of touring American hip hop acts. M.O.P. clearly love being on stage and taking their brash and nihilistic brand of music to the masses.

Top stuff.


Some rock/rap shenanigans off the “Mash Out Posse” album 🙂